The Best Chatbot to Engage your Clients


Eleganbot will respond to your customers 24h24, 7 days a week!

Offer to your online visitors to engage with your services in an innovative way. Use Elegantbot to enrich your lead nurturing. Lead nurturing consists in collecting data and information about your prospect in order to better know them and serve them with highly personalized content.


Easily Install your Chabot on your Website

Automate your online conversation with prospects and customers with ElegantBot. Augement your funnel and deliver new added value services.

Examples of Chatbot you can create with Elegantbot:

Elegantbot is a customer relationship automation tool that can have unlimited scenarios.


What are the best benefits of using ElegantBot Chatbot?

Help your customer service with common and easily resolved questions, and spend time on complex requests! 

60% of consumers make their purchases in the evening and on weekends: use Elegantbot and be always available!

Setting up 24/7 customer service can be very costly and therefore not available to all businesses.

However, this mismatch between the real needs of consumers and the ability of companies to respond is often a source of dissatisfaction for customers and can lead to lost opportunities.

Elegantbot can help you improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

According to a Forrester study, 72% of internet users prefer to find answers themselves on the web. Use Elegantbot and invent new sercices!

SaaS platforms can use a bot to offer a better customer experience. The bot can offer instant assistance to your online users and respond to basic requests.

Using a bot on your Saas platform will increase the user's retention. Users will spend more time on the site and will let your their personal informations such as there email address.

Use Elegantbot chatbott app and be available at all times

Always be available and ready to answer questions from your customers or future clients.

Use Elegantbot to provide real-time information to your customers and get a significant competitive advantage.

You can use a chatbot to standardize processes to save time, such as for example helping a user who has forgotten his password. Simple and repetitive requests can waste your team's time and energy.